About Me

My background features a unique combination of experience and expertise in training, language education, communications, and technology in higher education, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and business. I got my bachelor’s in Foreign Language Education from the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages, a college in Ukraine in 2006, after which I worked as a Ukrainian and Russian interpreter and translator in the Ukrainian Presidential elections for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). 

Later, I interned in the Parliament of Canada as a Communications Specialist. I worked as a PR/Communications Manager at an investment promotion agency InvestUkraine in 2007-2009. I also taught Ukrainian and cross-cultural communication to Peace Corps Volunteers in Ukraine. Having gone to the US for the first time as an exchange student studying Education at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, I was inspired to continue my studies in the US, and, in 2011, I graduated with my master’s in Linguistics and worked as English as a Second Language Lecturer at Ohio University. 

After gaining my second master’s in Computer Education and Technology in 2018, I began my transition to corporate training by working as Instructional Designer in Sales Training at Grange Insurance in Columbus, OH and then later in Staff Success Center as Staff Development Specialist at the University of Cincinnati. In my free time, I love to travel with my husband, cook and socialize with family and friends.