Adobe eLearning Incentives: My Journey from Newbie to Legend

In this blog post, I will outline my journey of completing Adobe eLearning challenges in order to collect points and advance all the way from a newbie status to the legend status, which will in turn help to get an Adobe Captivate license and open doors to other exciting opportunities!

Mykhaylo Zakryzhevskyy

2020-12-02 1 Min read

Week 1 - November 23-29, 2020 | Status: Newbie | Points: 0

One day I stumbled upon one of Cara North's posts on LinkedIn. Cara North is one of the most inspiring leaders in the instructional design community, whose posts continue to help me become a better instructional designer.

The post featured with a YouTube video about getting a free license for Adobe Captivate (with the caveat that you had to do some work, of course; the work being an active participant in the Adobe eLearning community). I got very excited and decided to give it a try for several reasons:

1. The obvious - I'd love to get a FREE license for Adobe Captivate so I can explore this product and become a pro at using it. 

2. The Discussion Forum on the Adobe eLearning website is teeming with lots of useful blog posts and discussion threads. I'd love to learn from this unique community.

3. I'd like to be able to share my own content and help someone else learn and get inspired as well.

For this week, my task is easy: create my account on Adobe eLearning and update my profile with my bio, position, LinkedIn link, website link, and expertise.

Now on to Discussions to read some powerful messages about eLearning and get inspired, oh and get points!

Week 2 - November 30 - December 6, 2020 | Status: Explorer | Points 50

Hooray! I have gathered enough points to receive the status of Explorer! All my hard work paid off: liking various posts, adding my comments, and exploring the Adobe eLearning platform in general! I am now one step closer to getting my free trial of Adobe Captivate! 

Observations and Lessons Learned

I spotted some familiar faces like Cara North and Jacqueline Hutchinson, and I saw some quite active members of the platform as well like Asha Pandey, whose status is now Legend! Now I have many leaders to look up to! 

Tips for Success:

Be patient! It takes time for the points to be credited to your profile. It may appear at first that your hard work is not paying off. However, once you have been an active member for a couple of days, your points will start showing on your profile.